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Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits Handbook 2019/20
book cover
Pub. Date12 Apr 2019
PublisherCPAG [Child Poverty Action Group]

The Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits Handbook is CPAG’s definitive guide to the social security system, and an essential resource for all advisers who are serious about giving the best and most accurate advice to their clients.

New in this edition:

  • The introduction of universal credit, including the latest on the migration process and who must still claim the old means-tested benefits.
  • The latest information on how Brexit will affect benefit entitlement.
  • A brand-new section covering the new benefits system in Scotland.

What does it cover?
The book provides comprehensive information about entitlement to all benefits, together with full details on the rules about work, work-related responsibilities and the work capability assessment, the income and capital rules, benefit sanctions, the ‘bedroom tax’, overpayments, fraud, and how to challenge decisions.

It is fully indexed, for ease of use, and cross-referenced to law, regulations and official guidance, and to court and tribunal decisions. Tactical guidance and examples are included throughout to help you navigate the complexities of the social security system.

Who is it for?
The Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits Handbook remains the essential resource for welfare rights advisers, lawyers, local authority and housing association staff, social workers, union officials and benefit claimants.

Feminist Perspectives on Young Mothers and Young Mothering
book cover
AuthorJoanne Minaker, Deborah Byrd and Andrea O'Reilly
Pub. Date01 Sep 2019

To be a young mother is almost by definition to be considered an unfit mother. Thus, it is not surprising that young Canadian, U.S. and Australian mothers are often scorned, stigmatized and monitored. This is a book about being young, being a mother, and grappling with what it means to inhabit these two complex social positions. This book critiques the dominant, negative construction of young motherhood. Contributors reject the notion that the ideal mother is a 30ish, white, middle-class, able-bodied, married, heterosexual woman situated in a nuclear family.

This collection privileges the insights and stories of a diverse array of young mothers such as; a young mother coerced into giving her child up for a adoption, a young queer mother who has been parenting a child borne by her trans partner and who is now pregnant herself and many more. The tales analyzed and recounted in the collection record experiences of pain and joy, frustration and success, struggle and resistance, oppression and empowerment. We invite readers to hear the all too often silenced stories of young mothers, to learn what prevents and what allows these mothers to lead lives of grit, determination, authenticity, and agency as they strive to lovingly care for themselves, their children, and in many cases, other young mothers.

Feminist Perspectives on Young Mothers and Young Mothering is a ground-breaking and insightful book that explores the unique experiences of young mothers as they navigate complex patriarchal social structures, ideologies of mothering, and challenging and diverse social locations and circumstances. This book provides invaluable insight into the multiple and varied ways that young mothers experience mothering based on intersections of gender, race, social class, and age. The authors effectively highlight the voices, experiences, and counter-narratives of young mothers who challenge stigmatizing generalizations about young mothers capabilities, underscoring the need for greater support and empowerment of young mothers and young mothering. The personal narratives of young mothers discussed in the chapters are significant, moving, and though-provoking. Academics, students, service providers, and the wider general public would benefit from reading this book as it provides a greater understanding of the experiences of young mothers and young mothering, which has been invisible for far too long. -- Caroline McDonald-Harker, PhD, Sociologist and Associate Professor, Department of Sociology & Anthropology, Mount Royal University, Calgary, Alberta

A to Z of SA Politics 3rd Ed
book cover
AuthorKashiefa Ajam, Kevin Ritchie, Lebogang Seale, Janet Smith, Thabiso Thakali
Pub. Date19 Jun 2019

Puzzled by the difference between a coalition and confidence-and-supply? Confused about how McKinsey, Trillian and a bunch of corrupt individuals at Eskom fleeced the utility? Don’t know your Nhlapo Commission from your Moerane Commission? The third edition of Jacana’s popular guide has all the information you need to navigate your way through our complex political scene.

 This essential read includes:

•more than 300 entries covering important terms, events, policies, groups and individuals, it’s an excellent source of current and historical data.

•Highlighting the power brokers and stars as much as those who are on their way down or captured, this valuable quick research tool is for anyone interested in where South Africa is at - and why.

 What are the links between the Auditor-General and the Asset Forfeiture Unit? Why do Black Twitter and its political influencers matter? Who are the diehard reds, and who switched from communism to capitalism? Who goes by the nickname of Mkhuluwa? (old man), and who as His Excellency?? South Africa is the only African country that is a member of the G20, but which bright minds represent it there and in other international arenas? The country is highly-ranked in platinum, palladium and gold output, but which are the trade unions and who are the revolutionary leaders fighting on behalf of workers?

 You’ll find those answers here too. Everything you should know, starting with the shack-dwellers movement, Abahlahi baseMjondolo, and ending at Jacob Zuma, is inside. And as a bonus, there’s a quiz at the end to test your head.

The A-Z of South African politics was compiled and written by newspaper editor and former investigative journalist Kashiefa Ajam, former editor of three newspapers and award-winning journalist Kevin Ritchie, former newspaper editor and award-winning journalist Lebogang Seale, former newspaper editor and award-winning author Janet Smith and top news editor and award-winning journalist Thabiso Thakali.

An Unwitting Assassin
book cover
AuthorSusie Cazenove
Pub. Date02 Sep 2019
  • The intimate and personal story behind the man who tried to kill Verwoerd but didn’t succeed
  • Release scheduled for anniversary of the assassination attempt
  • Follows the success in 2018 of The Man Who Killed Apartheid

“The raucous wail of sirens pierced the quiet Saturday afternoon, making me drop my book and rush outside to see what drama was taking place. A fleet of cars, their sirens screaming, roared along Oxford Road two hundred yards from our house. I stood on the lawn wondering what on earth it was because sirens were rarely heard near our home. I went back inside; the commotion was over. But within half an hour our telephone started ringing non-stop . . .”

 9 April 1960 was the day that changed Susie Cazenove’s life – the day her father, David Pratt, shot the Prime Minister of South Africa, Dr Hendrik Verwoerd. Verwoerd, commonly known as the architect of apartheid, didn’t die, but Pratt’s family lived with the legacy of his action.

 A chance encounter with the late David Rattray of Fugitive’s Drift led Cazenove to revisit the memories of that terrible day. With Rattray’s encouragement she put pen to paper to describe the extraordinary events of that day and its consequences. Part family memoir, part ode to the settlement of Johannesburg, Cazenove skilfully weaves her family history and the mood in South Africa in the 1950s and 60s as a background to what may have led her father, a farmer and gentle man, to commit a treasonous act.

Susie Cazenove was born and brought up in South Africa before moving to the United Kingdom with her English husband. A successful safari tour operator specialising in trips to South Africa and Africa, Cazenove is also the author of Legendary Safari Guides. An Unwitting Assassin is her most personal book to date.

Living Hand to Mouth
book cover
AuthorRebecca O'Connell, Abigail Knight and Julia Brannen
Pub. Date03 Apr 2019
PublisherCPAG [Child Poverty Action Group]

This book by Rebecca O'Connell, Abigail Knight and Julia Brannen brings the latest research on food poverty together with the voices of children and young people experiencing food poverty first hand.

What are the social and family circumstances that leave children hungry and prevent them eating in socially acceptable ways? What part does school food play in the diets of children whose families are on low incomes?

Illustrated with photographs by young people and researchers, the book sheds light on the various dimensions of food poverty, including hunger, poor diets and social participation as well as families who are eating well despite having a low income. It asks who is responsible for making sure young people eat well and have access to adequate food for health and social participation, and includes recommendations from CPAG.

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