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Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits Handbook 2017/18
book cover
AuthorChild Poverty Action Group
Pub. Date14 Apr 2017
PublisherCPAG [Child Poverty Action Group]

Our bestselling Handbook – known as the ‘adviser’s bible’ – covers all the recent changes to welfare benefits, and those that are still in progress. It highlights tactical information on common problem areas and how to challenge decisions.

This new edition includes the latest information on universal credit, personal independence payment, the ‘bedroom tax’ and benefit cap. It has updated information on the new claimant responsibilities and sanctions regime

This annual Handbook provides the most comprehensive coverage available of all social security benefits and tax credits. The book is fully indexed and cross-referenced throughout to the relevant legislation. It coversEngland,Scotland,WalesandNorthern Ireland.

Users include welfare rights advisers, lawyers, social workers, housing and benefits staff in local authorities, health visitors, union officials and claimants. The Handbook is supplied to all Citizens Advice Bureaux as part of their standard information package. Benefit rates and regulations are changed every April, which means that anyone needing reliable and up-to-date guidance will need to replace their old edition with this fully revised April 2017 edition. This Handbook is the only one to be published at the same time as the new benefit rates and regulations come into force – thus giving readers a full twelve months of usage.

The Handbook is written by a panel of 11 welfare benefits specialists, of whom around half work at CPAG.

“The best value in publishing” - Solicitors Journal

“Written with unsurpassed clarity… essential” - Family Law

“The most complete guide to social security benefits” - Sunday Times

“Sets the standard by which work in this field is judged” - Public Law Project

“The one thing that can be relied on in this ever changing world of welfare is CPAG’s indispensable handbook … the adviser’s bible” The Adviser (Citizens Advice journal)

Amnesty International Report 2016/2017
book cover
AuthorAmnesty International
Pub. Date10 Apr 2017

Major selling points

  • New 43rd edition of comprehensive reference guide to international human rights
  • Provides authoritative country-by-country reports on human rights violations in the period 1 January to 31 December 2016 in c.160 countries.
  • Published annually by leading human rights organisation Amnesty International.
  • This 2016 Report documents 33 countries that illegally sent refugees back to a country where their rights were at risk.
  • War crimes were committed in at least 21 countries in 2016.
  • Amnesty International’s annual report documents people killed for peacefully standing up for human rights in 20 countries in 2016.


Preface; Foreword; Regional overviews; Abbreviations; A to Z country section; Index

The Guide to UK Company Giving 2017/18
book cover
AuthorJodie Huyton Carly Hobson Jennifer Reynolds
Pub. Date10 Apr 2017

This invaluable guide includes details of 400 companies in the UK, many of which are selected from the FTSE 350, that contribute to UK society through its communities and voluntary organisations. It includes a section on corporate grant-making charities. The book provides detailed company information and includes their:

  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR) information
  • Levels of giving in the UK and whether in cash or in-kind where available
  • Partnerships
  • Matched funding
  • Cause-related marketing
  • Reporting on Anti-Slavery NEW
  • Charity of the Year
  • Pro bono work
  • Ratio of women to men on the board
  • of directors
  • Giving to small charities NEW
  • Giving to unpopular causes NEW
  • Recipients of funding already given
  • Status as a Living Wage Employer NEW

The guide gives advice on how to develop a successful corporate partnership or sponsor, what to be aware of when seeking company support and guidance on how to apply.

Who is this book for?

All voluntary organisations seeking support from companies. Research organisations and individuals researching UK corporate giving and CSR. Companies looking to develop their community giving strategy.

Selling Points

  • Section on corporate grant-making charities and 12 new areas of data collection including: giving to small charities, reporting on anti-slavery, status as a living wage employer and giving to unpopular causes.
  • Trusted information from DSC, recognised as the top funding researcher in the UK.


‘This book has been very useful and given us a great insight into the world of giving. It has increased our knowledge and resilience in the sector.’

Clare de Bathe, Trust Director, Chichester Community Development Trust
‘Before you start typing a target name into your search engine pick up this book; clear and reliable information in an accessible format that will save you hours in web searches and help your make relevant approaches for corporate support.’

Victoria Copeland, Corporate Relationships Manager, Blind Veterans UK

‘Part of the armoury to aid businesses and charities alike to identify emerging trends in company giving and adapt accordingly… The Guide to UK Company Giving is an invaluable resource to connect businesses, charities, community groups and voluntary organisation.’

Barry Clavin, Ethical Policies and Sustainability Manager, The Co-operative Group (Foreword 10th edn)

Pansy Boy
book cover
AuthorPaul Harfleet
Pub. Date01 Jun 2017

Out in the natural world, a boy is in awe of its beauty. Birds in flight amaze him. School squats at the end of summer. He is fey, and bullies aren’t comfortable with that. They attack him. How can he defend himself? In a rhyming poem, the story comes to life in vivid graphic art.

The boy takes strength from the flowers he loves. Where bullies pinned his life with their hate, he plants a pansy. The power of his actions empowers his school to value what is delicate and different. The book comes complete with a personal field guide to the flowers that adorn and the birds that fly across its pages.

‘Beautifully illustrated’ – The Guardian

Full PR campaign with a focus on a young adult and also an adult readership.

Pansy Boy is an imaginative autobiography, with stunning graphics and rhyming couplets. When young, Paul Harfleet felt that tug between the world’s natural beauties and a world that could be vicious to gay children.

Paul Harfleet conceived and runs The Pansy Project, an artwork and an activist movement which since 2005 has planted pansies at the sites of homophobic attacks around the world. Canal+ filmed Paul and his work for the multi-award winning documentary Les Penses de Paul (2016).


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