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Amnesty International Report 2017/2018
book cover
AuthorAmnesty International
Pub. Date28 Apr 2018

Major selling points:

  • New 44th edition of comprehensive reference guide to international human rights
    • Covers 159 countries and delivers the most comprehensive analysis of the state of human rights in the world 1 January to 31 December 2017
    • Published annually by leading human rights NGO
    • Essential reading for policy makers, activists and anyone with an interest in human rights


  • A 2017 rollback of human rights worldwide;
  • Governments continued to clamp down on the rights to protest;
  • Women’s rights took a nosedive in the USA, Russia and Poland;
  • Sweeping crackdowns on LGBT communities in Chechnya and Egypt;
  • A military campaign of ethnic cleansing against the Rohingya population in Myanmar;
  • More than 312 human rights defenders killed in 2017, up from 281 the year before;
  • War crimes and crimes against humanity in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and South Sudan.


Preface; Foreword; Regional overviews; Abbreviations; A to Z country section; Index


[2] READERSHIP: Academic; Legal; Human rights activist; Students; Political

[3] New 44th edition.

[4] 408pp, 215 mm x 140 mm

[5] Softback, colour cover, black and white throughout, no images.

[6] Last/43rd edition was ISBN 978-0-86210-496-2 published April 2017.

Skin We Are In
book cover
AuthorSindiwe Magona & Nina Jablonski
Pub. Date01 May 2018

When we meet someone, one of the things we notice is the colour of their skin. But what can someone’s skin colour tell us about them? Despite what some people say, your skin means very little! Inside we’re all the same. Join Njabulo, Aisha, Tim, Chris and Roshni as they discover why humans have different skins, and how people’s thinking about skin colour has changed throughout history. Skin we are in is a celebration of the glorious human rainbow, both in South Africa and beyond.

One of South Africa’s best-selling authors, Sindiwe Magona, has teamed up with well-known American anthropologist, Nina G. Jablonski, and award-winning illustrator Lynn Fellman to create a much-needed book about race and skin colour – for children. Magona has written a story of five friends as they explore and discuss the skin they are in. The scientific narrative, written by Jablonski, expands and supports the conversation topics generated by the children’s adventure.

About the Authors

Sindiwe Magona has been writing books for adults and children since 1990. To date she has written more than 120 children’s books. She is currently Writer-in-Residence at the University of the Western Cape and has won numerous awards in her lifetime, including the Order of Ikhamanga (2011). Nina G Jablonski is an American anthropologist, paleontologist and science educator. She studies and writes about human and primate evolution, and is especially interested in how skin and colour have evolved and influenced human life and societies. She is a Permanent Fellow of the Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study. Lynn Fellman is an American multimedia artist and science communicator. She is an Artist-in-Residence at Cold Spring Harbor Lab and a Fulbright Scholar who studies, draws, paints, and lectures about the wonder and beauty of biological science.

Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits Handbook 2018/19
book cover
AuthorChild Poverty Action Group
Pub. Date23 Apr 2018
PublisherCPAG [Child Poverty Action Group]

The definitive guide to all benefits and tax credits is an essential resource for all professional advisers serious about giving the best and most accurate advice to their clients.

With detailed information on all the recent changes to the social security system – including the latest on the rollout of universal credit, the right to reside test and the sanctions regime - the Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits Handbook provides comprehensive advice about entitlement in 2018/19.

It has been newly restructured, making it easier to use, and refocused to bring universal credit to the fore.

What does it cover?

This edition includes new and updated information on:

  • who can claim benefits and tax credits
  • the rollout of universal credit
  • disability and incapacity benefits, and the work capability assessment for employment and support allowance
  • dealing with benefit sanctions
  • challenging decisions, backdating, overpayments, income and capital, and national insurance provisions
  • the bereavement support payment
  • changes to Support for Mortgage Interest

Fully indexed for ease of use and cross-referenced to law, regulations, official guidance and court, Upper Tribunal and commissioners’ decisions, the Handbook also offers tactical information on common problem areas and advice on how to challenge decisions.

Who is it for?
The Handbook is an essential resource for welfare rights advisers, lawyers, local authority staff, social workers, union officials and claimants.


The advisers’ bible remains the key text in the welfare benefits field … CPAG’s book remains the essential purchase for anyone offering advice on social security.’ ADVISER

Rethinking Democracy
book cover
AuthorLeo Panitch & Greg Albo
Pub. Date08 Mar 2018

Have we now reached ‘the end of history’ with the triumph of capitalist liberal democracy? Is socialism an enemy of democracy? Or could socialism develop, expand and enhance democracy?

The antagonism between liberalism and democratic processes is increasingly visible: we can see the contradictions of capitalist globalization, a rise of authoritarian politics in many states, and concepts of post-democracy, anti-politics, and the like gaining currency in theoretical and political debate.

This volume seeks a re-appraisal of actually-existing liberal democracy today, but its main goal to help lay the foundations for new visions and practices in the development of socialist democracy. Amidst the contradictions of neoliberal capitalism today, the responsibility to sort out the relationship between socialism and democracy has never been greater. No revival of socialist politics in the 21st century can occur apart from founding new democratic institutions and practices.

  • Greg Albo: Rethinking socialism and democracy: new strategies – or detours?;
  • Sheila Rowbotham: Women, democracy and revolution;
  • Martijn Konings: Neoliberalism and democracy;
  • Alex Demirovic: Radical democracy, post-democracy, socialist democracy;
  • Dennis Pilon: Proportional representation as a democratic class project;
  • Catarina Principe: Can the EU be democratized? The centrality of the nation-state;
  • Magnus Ryner: Authoritarian EU neoliberalism versus democratic agency;
  • Pete Ramand: Referenda and democracy: Lessons fromScotlandand Brexit;
  • Sharryn Kasmir: Rethinking democracy, rethinking coops and unions;
  • Adam Hilton: Organized for Democracy? Challenging theUSDemocratic Party;
  • Des Freedman & NatalieFenton: What does it mean to break up media power?;
  • Nina Power: Digital democracy?;
  • Tom Mills: Beyond public broadcasting: Democratic alternatives to the BBC;
  • Massimilliano Mollona: Artists and new democratic urban spaces inEurope;
  • Ramon Ribera Fumaz: The Rebel Cities: Radical Democracy inBarcelonaandMadrid;
  • Daniel Chavez: Polis and demos: participatory urban planning;
  • Leandro Vergara-Camus & Cristobal Kay: Agrarian democracy? Latin American experience and prospect;
  • Michelle Williams: The practice of democratic communism: Kerala & S Africa;
  • Ian McKay: Redeeming liberal democracy in Marxist theory;
  • Jason Schulman: Communism: Classless democracy or the administration of things?;
  • Madeleine Davis: Retrieving the new left’s vision of socialist democracy.
Shtetl Love Song
book cover
AuthorGrigory Kanovich
Pub. Date08 Mar 2018

Winner the Liudo Dovydeno Prize awarded by the Lithuanian Writers’ Union

In ‘Shtetl Love Song’ Grigory Kanovich tells the story of his mother and in doing so peels back the surface of the Jewish community that lived in pre-warLithuania

Set against the backdrop of the political turmoil of 1930s, Kanovich lovingly recalls his native Jonava; its rich merchants and impoverished cobblers, the beggars and the gossips. He traces the growing fear of the Nazis, the Russian invasion, the political persecution and the arrests and the exiles that shaped a nation.

‘Shtetl Love Song’ is a requiem for the pre-war Jewish shtetl, for a people and a way of life that was destroyed in the maelstrom of war.

‘I had intended for quite a long time to write about my mother with that joyous enthusiasm and abundant detail with which it is fitting to recall one's parents, the people closest and dearest to you’

Guide to Grants for Individuals in Need 2018/19
book cover
AuthorJudith Turner and Mairéad Bailie
Pub. Date02 Apr 2018

Do you help individuals and families in need of emergency financial help? This comprehensive, up-to-date and easy-to-navigate guide containing 1700 grant-making charities giving 308.5 million in funds, will simplify the often difficult task of finding the most appropriate support for your clients by outlining the eligibility criteria, amounts available and how to apply.

You’ll benefit from extensive advice on how to select funds and make successful applications, as well as a directory of useful organisations.

The 16th edition of The Guide to Grants for Individuals in Need, containing over 200 new grant-makers, is the only publication to provide a comprehensive listing of all sources of non-statutory funding available for individuals in the UK.

Who should buy this book?

It is particularly useful for key workers, social workers, advisors and housing officers, as well as charity helpline operators. Charity fundraising teams will also find it a vital guide to the funds available.

Selling Points

This is your guide to every fund geared towards helping those living in poverty.

  • Clear, easy-to-navigate sections.
  • Cross-referenced indexes, to help you find the right fund.
  • Detailed information on each funder, including how to apply.
  • Lists of specialist support organisations who could also help.
  • Records are up-to-date and comprehensive including information provided by charities themselves.

What they said about the previous edition

‘Our clients are vulnerable people who need all the help we can give them. This guide helps us give that help by pinpointing possible sources of funding – funding that we might never have been aware of were it not for this guide.’ -Charmaine Davies, Housing Advice Worker, Cheltenham Housing Aid Centre

‘An informative and highly recommended tool which has been invaluable in helping us to access appropriate funding streams for our service users and alleviate their hardship.’ -Steve Hawkins, Chief Executive, Local Solutions

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