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The Guide to New Trusts 2017/18

The Guide to New Trusts 2017/18

Author: Rachel Cain Jodie Huyton
ISBN: 978-1-78482-033-6
Pub. Date: 08 Jun 2019
Price: £60
Binding: Paperback
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You no longer need to keep a keen eye out for new grant-making charities giving money away to charities like yours. This annual guide tracks new grant-makers established each year, and offers their details to you in an easy to digest format. The Directory of Social Change saves you time by including more than 100 new funders, registered with the Charity Commission in 2016/17, whose giving criteria are general enough to be relevant to the greatest number of charities.

At a glance, you can find the details of each new grant-maker, their aims and objectives, the kinds of projects they fund and their application process. Established by a wide range of individuals, including on this occasion well-known sports stars and politicians, these trusts represent and exciting opportunity for fundraisers.
Who should buy this book?
This is the UK’s leading guide to new trusts. Ideal for any chief executive, trustee or fundraising manager who will find this a vital source of information about new potential funding available to their organisation.
What does it cover?
The guide includes:
• Up-to-date and essential information in every entry
• Details of what grant-making charities do fund, and what they don’t
• Clearly presented information, well indexed to save you time
• Details on grant-making charities’ policies, contact details and application deadlines

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