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The Facts
Author: Alan Marsh
ISBN: 978-1-910715-21-5
Pub. Date: 10 Jul 2019
Price: £15
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: CPAG [Child Poverty Action Group]
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A comprehensive overview of the causes, extent and effects of poverty in theUK.

  • History of the politics of and debates around poverty
  • CPAG’s analysis of the causes and effects of poverty
  • Impacts on children and cost to society
  • Discussion of what is poverty? How does it relate to concepts like inequality and deprivation? Is it all about money?
  • How can poverty be measured?
  • What causes poverty?
  • Who is most at risk? Eg, women, children, people with disabilities, ethnic minority groups, age groups…
  • Impact of family structures, eg lone apretns
  • Poverty and work
  • Poverty and costs – eg, housing and childcare
  • Poverty dynamics – how long do people stay poor etc?
  • The lived experience of poverty – costs, debt, food, shame, exclusion etc
  • How do we tackle poverty?
  • International comparisons
  • Where next?

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