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Author: AUTHOR Refiloe Moahloli ILLUSTRATOR Simon Mahlo
ISBN: 978-0-620-76181-9
Pub. Date: 01 Feb 2019
Price: £12.99
Binding: Hardback
Publisher: JACANA
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Tullula is a majestic bird born into royalty - the ndunas of the herd.

 Being a nduna means having to guard the skies at night (although its not entirely clear what the ndunas are guarding against).

 Tullula longs for something different, so she sneaks off during the day (while the rest of the ndunas are sleeping) to explore what life is like living in sunlight. 

 An inspirational story in rhyming verse about the rewards of challenging the status quo; not only for the individual who dares to do it, but for everyone else around them as well.

 Includes a bonus CD featuring the Tullula songs and a reading of the story by the author.

 Colour throughout

 “Allow yourself to be taken on the journey with the adventurous Tullala to a brighter side of life – Dr Gcina Mhlophe

 Refiloe Moahloli is a commerce graduate who spent the early part of her career navigating the dynamic corporate world, she decided to pursue her passion for writing after an eye-opening assignment to Mumbai, India. She is the bestselling author of How Many Ways Can You Say Hello?, published in 2017 by Penguin Random House

Abena-Saah Mophatlane exposure to different cultures and ethnicities gives her an advantage in identifying talent with a widespread appeal. One such identification led to the creation of Tullula.  She first came across Simon Mahlo’s hand-embroidery through a cushion that was sold to her. She was immediately impressed with the quality of work and felt she had to meet the artist behind it. After meeting with Mahlo, she was inspired to create a children’s book with hand-embroidered illustrations – and so Tullula was born.


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