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Scary Fairy in Wicked Wood

Scary Fairy in Wicked Wood

Author: Jana Bauer
ISBN: 978-961-6564-97-7
Pub. Date: 01 Sep 2019
Price: £7.99
Binding: Paperback
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This is highly imaginative and funny book, full of amusing characters and amazing events.

Have you ever met a fairy that romps about, disturbs the peace, corrupts the young and swears? Watch out, here comes Scary Fairy! Banished by her grandmother after breaking one of her beloved china teacups, she decides to search for pastures new, landing at the whim of Southern Wind in Wicked Wood. Wicked Wood is only occasionally wicked, but full of delightful animals with strong characters. Living in Wicked Wood are motherly Owl, and thoughtful Bear, grumpy Hedgehog, highly-strung Squirrel, poetic Salamander and many others. The animals of Wicked Wood have no idea how dramatically the stubborn, brave and crafty Scary fairy will change their lives.

Author Jana Bauer

Jana Bauer is a bestselling Slovenian children's author. Her father was a passionate storyteller. Legends about witches, spirits and smugglers had the greatest influence on the development of her imaginary world. Her books are very funny and her stories have strong and engaging plotlines. With Scary Fairy she has achieved international success as well as critical acclaim.

Illustrator Caroline Thaw

Caroline Thaw is an English illustrator. The illustrations for Scary Fairy are her first attempt at book illustration and she has succeeded in creating the truly magical world of Wicked Wood, together with all the animals. She is particularly happy when her ides are given a material form on paper and bring joy to readers. She lives and works in Scotland.

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