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  • Which Side is Up?

    Which Side is Up?

    “I do believe that cartoons have a second life in other forms – especially now with the internet – and then they have a third life in books; they become a historical thing.” – Zapiro What...

    • Author: Zapiro
    • Publisher: JACANA
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: £10.95

A Sample of Forthcoming and New Books

Here you will find a selection of our favorite books.

2020 Vision
Rebecca O'Connell
CPAG [Child Poverty Action Group]
This book looks at what has been achieved since the pledge to end child poverty by 2020 was made, as well as considering what went wrong and the lessons that can be learned from both the highs and the lows...
A Dark Iris
Elizabeth J. Jones
It is 1972 and 12-Year-old Rebekah Eve is excited to be on her way to the prestigious Meridian Institute with her best friend, Wanda. But Rebekah’s joy is dampened by her parents’ separation. She misses having her father at home...
A Little Horse Called Pancakes
Candice Noakes-Dobson
Meet: A Little Horse Called Pancakes… !  Adapted from real-life characters and events within the Cape Town horse-riding community. Set against the backdrop of an all-important dressage competition, these three stories see a legendary miniature horse taken ill by a life-threatening...
A Passion for Freedom
Mamphela Ramphele
The richly anecdotal story of an extraordinary life – when baby Mamphela was born to teacher parents in the ruralvillageofKranspoort, few would have predicted that she would become not only a medical doctor, but an international leader and the founder...
A Pig in a Parachute
Rebecca Tortello
Playtime is adventure time with A Pig in a Parachute. The story brings quirky, colourful, and furry animals like silver snakes and lavender lions, twirling, flying and careening from the pages.  Kids learn new words while exploring dreams and being...
A Simple Man
Ronnie Kasrils
Written like a thriller in the engaging style of his previous best sellers about the liberation struggle, this book takes up the tale in 2004 when Ronnie Kasrils became Minister of Intelligence, and continues to the present day. Kasrils fought against...
A to Z of SA Politics 3rd Ed
Kashiefa Ajam, Kevin Ritchie, Lebogang Seale, Janet Smith, Thabiso Thakali
Puzzled by the difference between a coalition and confidence-and-supply? Confused about how McKinsey, Trillian and a bunch of corrupt individuals at Eskom fleeced the utility? Don’t know your Nhlapo Commission from your Moerane Commission? The third edition of Jacana’s popular...
A Treasury of Rumi's Wisdom
Muhammad Isa Waley
The version of Rumi that has become known as �the best-selling poet in North America� is not a true one. This newly translated anthology of Rumi�s poetry, with accompanying commentaries, aims to uncover the true meaning held within his cherished verse. The...
Alexandra Kollontai
Cathy Porter
Alexandrea Kollontai is one of the most famous women in Russian history. She was the only woman in Lenin’s government in 1917. The daughter of a Russian general, she early became a young rebel and revolutionary and was forced to flee...