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  • Escape From Pretoria

    Escape From Pretoria

    Film Tie InIn this jaw-dropping classic of prison escape literature, now a major movie starring Daniel Radcliffe, Tim Jenkin tells of how he, Stephen Lee and Alexander Moumbaris, using a...

    • Author: Tim Jenkin​
    • Publisher: Jacana Media
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: £13.99


NHS Under Siege
John Lister and Jacky Davis
The Merlin Press
How did we get to this? How do we recover? How do we restore confidence and go forward? Contents Part 1. – 1 How did we get to this? The state of our NHS after a decade of decline; 2...
New Polarizations,​ Old Contradictions: The Crisis of Centrism​
Greg Albo, Leo Panitch & Colin Leys
The Merlin Press
The 58th annual volume of the Socialist Register takes up the challenge of exploring how the new polarizations relate to the contradictions that underlie them and how far...
The Wolf Mother
Hetxw’ms Gyetxw (Brett D. Huson)​
Highwater Press
Explore the life cycle of a gray wolf in this engaging look at how an ecosystem’s animals, people, and seasons are intertwined.​​Follow along as award-winning...
Wonder Drug
Hugh D.A. Goldring
Between the Lines
Are the most remote frontiers of 21st century exploration inside the human mind?  Wonder Drug is the graphic history of a controversial and little-known medical research project...
The Directory of Grant Making Trusts 2022/23
Rebecca Eddington, et al​
Directory of Social Change
With this guide, you'll have access to key information about 2,000 grant-making charities, ​each with the potential to give £40,000 a year or more. ​​You'll have the...
Fundraising Strategy: 3rd edition
Claire Routley and Richard Sved​
Directory of Social Change
Do you lurch from one fundraising campaign to the next, or are you able to step back and take the long view? The way you approach fundraising can make all the difference to your charity’s ...
Whites and Democracy in South Africa
Roger Southall​
James Currey
How did the last white minority in Africa give way to majority rule,  the arrival of democracy and new and different modes of transition from "settlers" to "citizens".​How have whites...
Colombia Inside Out
Richard McColl
Practical Action
Colombia is a country in search of an identity, it’s a nation which is too often measured internationally by tabloid headlines, images of protests, violence and a fractured political...
Susanna Hoe
Holo Books
This book explores Sardinia through the island’s women. Sardinia has been inhabited for longer than many European countries; of its earlier peoples, the best-known are the pre-historic...