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  • Guide to Grants for Individuals in Need 2024/25, The

    Guide to Grants for Individuals in Need 2024/25, The

    Do you help individuals and families in need of emergency financial help? With details of over 1,800 grant-making charities giving £373 million in funds, this 19th edition of the guide is your...

    • Author: Ross Hardy
    • Publisher: Directory of Social Change
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: £125.00


A New Global Geometry?
Greg Albo
The Merlin Press
In October 2022, President Joe Biden launched the United States’ new National Security Strategy, which warned that the world was at an ‘inflection point’, in which the ‘post-Cold War era is...
Worlds Apart?
Adeoye O. Akinola, Jesper Bjarnesen
Migration has become a central theme in relations between Africa and Europe.​It constitutes a political and diplomatic issue that seems to have imposed itself on a range of policy agendas, from...
Walter Sisulu
Tom Lodge
This book addresses Walter Sisulu’s political impact on the course of antiapartheid resistance. It focuses mainly on his political personality, but it also explores how his public career shaped his ...
There's a blue light at the end of the tunnel
Stephen Francis & Rico
After 31 years, Madam & Eve is still going strong and are back with more hilarious cartoons looking back at another year of the crazy roller coaster that is daily life and politics in South...
RamApocalypse Now
No little thorn in the flesh or irritating fly in the ointment, Zapiro just cannot be ignored.​It’s been another helluva year, and who better to make sense of it than Zapiro, political analyst,...
Dialectics of Ecology, The
John Bellamy Foster
Monthly Review Press
Today the fate of the earth as a home for humanity is in question—and yet, contends John Bellamy Foster, the reunification of humanity and the earth remains possible if we are prepared to make...
Joy Dancer, The
Gregory Vuyani Maqoma
Gregory isn’t keen on soccer, but he loves to dance and jive and feel the energy and rhythm in the music that is all around him.​Dancing brings him joy – and an adventure more dazzling than he...
Disability Politics and Theory
A J Withers
Disability oppression is not simply about making people disabled by notaccommodating impairment; it is interlocked with capitalism,cisheteropatriarchy, colonialism and racism.​Disability Politics...
Kopano Matlwa Collection
Kopano Matlwa
Matlwa takes on themes of gender, race and national identity with a distinctive andengaging voice, pinwheeling from humorous to heart-stabbing and (almost) backagain […]” –AnOther...