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  • The New Apartheid

    The New Apartheid

    South Africa’s story is often presented as a triumph of new over old, but ​while formal apartheid was abolished decades ago, stark and distressing ​similarities persist. Dr Sizwe...

    • Author: Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh​
    • Publisher: NB Tafelberg
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: £15.99


The Return of Nature
John Bellamy Foster
Monthly Review Press
A review of the long history of efforts to unite issues of social justice and environmental sustainability that will help us comprehend and counter today’s unprecedented planetary...
Dead Epidemiologists
Rob Wallace
Monthly Review Press
The COVID-19 pandemic shocked the world. It shouldn’t have. Since this century’s turn, epidemiologists have warned of new infectious diseases. Indeed, SARS, MERS,...
Shirley Galligan [illustrated by Zoe Barnish]
Munu is a story of hope in the face of adversity. As one of the world’s rarest black rhinoceros, Munu was tragically blinded and could not have survived in the wild if it was not for the White Lion ...
The Wolf Mother
Hetxw’ms Gyetxw (Brett D. Huson)​
Highwater Press
Explore the life cycle of a gray wolf in this engaging look at how an ecosystem’s animals, people, and seasons are intertwined.​​Follow along as award-winning...