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  • Walter Sisulu

    Walter Sisulu

    This book addresses Walter Sisulu’s political impact on the course of antiapartheid resistance. It focuses mainly on his political personality, but it also explores how his public career shaped his ...

    • Author: Tom Lodge
    • Publisher: Jacana
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Price: £9.99


Dialectics of Ecology, The
John Bellamy Foster
Monthly Review Press
Today the fate of the earth as a home for humanity is in question—and yet, contends John Bellamy Foster, the reunification of humanity and the earth remains possible if we are prepared to make...
The Return of Nature
John Bellamy Foster
Monthly Review Press
A review of the long history of efforts to unite issues of social justice and environmental sustainability that will help us comprehend and counter today’s unprecedented planetary...
Dead Epidemiologists
Rob Wallace
Monthly Review Press
The COVID-19 pandemic shocked the world. It shouldn’t have. Since this century’s turn, epidemiologists have warned of new infectious diseases. Indeed, SARS, MERS,...